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New Software Release: State Decoded Version 0.9

Version 0.9 of The State Decoded is now available on GitHub. This release completes the work to store multiple editions of a code started in v0.8. Since we have made fundamental changes to how laws are stored, potentially breaking previous installations, we have added it as an additional pre-1.0 release.

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Nationwide Coalition of City Officials and Civic Technologists Announce Free Law Founders Movement to Reinvent U.S. Lawmaking

Officials from NYC, DC, San Francisco, Chicago & Boston join leaders in civic tech to develop tools that improve every citizen’s ability to access America’s laws, legislation and the legislative process itself on the Internet   (NEW YORK, SAN FRANCISCO, BOSTON, CHICAGO, WASHINGTON D.C.) -  U.S. open government leaders today announced the formation of The Free Law […]

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Announcing the AmLegal Decoder: A Free Tool to Publish Laws Seamlessly Online in Ridiculously Useful Open Data Formats

Benefits of “Decoded Law” Now Available to Residents of All 2,000 American Legal Cities   CINCINNATI, OH / WASHINGTON, DC—The American Legal Publishing Corporation and The OpenGov Foundation today announced the creation of the AmLegal Decoder, a new tool that seamlessly transforms hard-to-use municipal laws and legal codes into modern, restriction-free and user-friendly open data accessible via the […]

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CivSource on the Launch of

Visit CivSource for the full story. OpenGov Foundation Launches March 11, 2014 · by Bailey McCann The OpenGov Foundation is out with a new project designed to open up city and state statutes – Through this new website, citizens, stakeholders and public servants can access, explore and use the municipal laws and legal […]

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America’s Free, Online “Open Law” Library


The America Decoded network helps break down the frustrating barriers that exist between everyday Americans and the most important public information in any city or state – the law itself – by harnessing the latest in website design and open data standards, providing all the expensive tools lawyers use at $0 cost.

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