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OpenGov Foundation Launches

March 11, 2014 · by Bailey McCann

The OpenGov Foundation is out with a new project designed to open up city and state statutes – Through this new website, citizens, stakeholders and public servants can access, explore and use the municipal laws and legal codes of San Francisco (CA),Baltimore (MD), Chicago (IL), and Philadelphia (PA), and the state laws and legal codes of Maryland, Virginia and Florida. Right now, efforts are underway to “decode” Raleigh (NC), Washington (DC), Boston (MA), Las Vegas (NV), New York (NY) and Miami (FL), with more on the way.

“We’re still in early stages with open government as a concept, but one of the biggest things missing from the conversation right now is the law, the code you’re required to live by,” says Seamus Kraft, Executive Director, OpenGov Foundation in an interview with CivSource. “Ignorance of the law is no excuse, but right now it is very difficult for average citizens to look up and reference laws or be aware of all of the changes.”

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