NYC Open Data Advocates Focus on Quality and Value Over Quantity (Free Law Founders)

Tech President, July 24, 2014

” . . . what matters more to New York City open data advocates than the absolute number of the datasets is their quality and values: creating a transparent process of releasing the data, making the data machine-readable and prioritizing release of data sets in high demand . . . New York City’s open data progress and challenges are both a model for and reflective of open data efforts across the country.”

“In an effort to coordinate this open government advocacy across cities, [NYC Council Member Ben Kallos] and San Francisco Supervisor Mark Farrell issued a challenge to civic technologists to develop a free and open source digital legislative platform by fall 2015, and have established a Free Law Founders initiative partnered with Seamus Kraft of the Open Gov Foundation and city officials in Chicago, Washington D.C., and Boston.”

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